Design Philosophy

/ BELLE / creates space for the unfinished and evolving nature of that which compels us to create. The medium explored is clothing, yet the source of inspiration is ever-changing and undefined. With coastal spaces, community, and untethered vision at its center, what follows is a perpetual unraveling of small ideas translated into something to wear.

Our Commitment

In the process to create something tangible, we must take from the natural world. The impact of the unequal give and take between industry, people, and environment, particularly within the clothing industry, has generated far-reaching human suffering and environmental devastation.

This understanding has paved the foundation for our forward-thinking approach to clothing – one built on the pillars of transparency, responsibility, and ethical practices. We recognize that these pillars are not fixed labels, but rather ongoing practices in which we must always strive to embody more truly.

Fair and Just Labor

Just as important as our production philosophy is the people whose hands bring our pieces to life. All of our garments are patterned, cut, dyed, sewed, and finished in Bali, Indonesia by vendors that are experts in their specific craft. Each of our vendors are an essential part of our team, and over the years we have been privileged to grow long-lasting relationships with them. We take pride in knowing our brand supports the livelihoods of over 15 people in Bali.

Low-Impact + Local Textiles

In our collections we utilize many low-impact textiles such as lyocell, viscose, econyl (recycled nylon), recycled cotton, and natural fabrics such as linen, silk, and organic cotton. Sourcing textiles locally within Indonesia helps reduce the embodied carbon footprint of our pieces. Over 65% of our pieces are comprised of low-Impact textiles and we are working toward increasing that number as we continue to grow.

For our swimwear, we use regenerated nylon textiles such as ECONYL® where possible, which is made from nylon waste such as fishing nets, carpet flooring, and industrial plastics. Using regenerative nylon eliminates the need for crude oil extraction. In fact – for every 10,000 tonnes of raw ECONYL® material that is produced, 70,000 barrels of crude oil are kept in the ground and 57,100 tonnes of C02eq emissions are kept out of the air.

Compostable Shipping Materials

We ship our parcels to our customers in compostable packages. Our stickers, printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified, acid-free paper with soy ink, are sourced by Noissue. Additionally, for shipments to our warehouse + wholesales shipments, all of our pieces are shipped in compostable packaging.