A guided daily expression for those whose personal style is second nature; an enduring yet-of-the-moment offering to the discourse of dress.

BELLE was founded in 2018 by Annabelle Noelle and today is realised alongside the women closest to her. 

A student of film, Annabelle’s separation from the fashion industry has allowed her and like-minded collaborators, to see the world of garment-making with refreshing naivety, candor and intention - as if unburdened by convention.

Parlaying this influence into every aspect of their world, BELLE has become an indefinite dialogue between clothing, imagery and emotion; resonating with those who too have an ever-evolving idea of self.

As such, BELLE has materialised as a series of world-building garments and accessories that intuitively tap into a penchant for the beautiful, sincere and otherwise undone.